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The following links are to people who have inspired or otherwise encouraged my exploration of guitar making:

Adam Feder, friend and former band mate of the legendary Beloit College band Crispy Lettuce, who kicked me in the tail to build him a crazy classical guitar. Check out his rock Ďn roll klezmer band, The Shul Band, at The Shul of New York

Linda Manzer. There is no modern luthier whose exploration of the possibilities of guitars and guitar-like instruments exceeds her magnificent creations. Linda has been generous and encouraging in helping me think through projects over the years. Check out her instruments at Manzer Guitars.

Tom Ribbecke. Through no fault of his own, Tom generously tolerated my numerous questions over the earlier humps and bumps in my building. A builder whose ability to think outside the box is exceeded only by his level of craftsmanship. Ribbecke Guitars


Ervin Somogyi. No one Iíve learned from has gotten to the meat of how and why a guitar functions as it does other than Ervin. His guitars are built right to the edge, compelling every last ounce of tone from them. Heís a wonderfully silly git, too! Somogyi Guitars

Michael Greenfield. My friend, best building buddy, guitamaker extraordinaire, confidant, and best bitch slapper when Iíve needed my own head removed from dark places. Iíve learned so much from Michael about building, cooking and just about anything else. Greenfield Guitars